Digital SignageThe interactivity of today's marketplace poses many challenges. We embrace those challenges as an opportunity to reach and interact with your customers in more ways than ever before. From Digital Menuboard Systems to HD LED outdoor displays, we are always looking for new and innovative ways of making our clients stand out from the competition so we created Eureka!Vision.

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Advantages of Digital Signage Solutions

•    Digital Content Gets Noticed 5-10 times more than Static
•    Much Higher Recognition and Recall
•    Proven to Increase sales 7-9% in QSR Space
•    A platform to drive new revenues through advertising
•    Reduce cost and expense of print
•    Increases perception of quality
•    Reduce perceived wait time

•    Create customer anticipation
•    Customizable, flexible system with active content
•    Adaptable to time-sensitive needs
•    Build an interactive relationship with customers
•    Decrease customer impatience during peak times
•    Utilize with other strategies to create a cohesive marketing solution
•    Modify content to promote unit-specific specials

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